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Dave Hazenfield


With over 20 years of experience in all facets of commercial and industrial real estate, Dave has been able to guide clients towards successful expansions of their new or current businesses.

Over the many years of service, Dave has been able to become an expert in facility selection, property valuation, and advisory services.

Whether looking for a commercial or industrial facility, investment property, or looking for the perfect development property, Dave has the knowledge and experience to find the perfect location for your success.

Jay Campbell

Vice President

As a Commercial General Contractor and construction professional for over 20 year, Jay brings the highest level of quality and commitment to any new development project.

Jay has managed projects both large and small, all while providing unique and personalized service to each one. With the ability to complete contract on time and within budget, Jay and Campbell Construction have earned the trust of repeat customers across the Greater Mid-West.

Partner with Jay and H2C by contacting us, or visit Campbell Construction to learn more about any potential commercial construction services you may need.

Carlie Zielinski

Associate Advisor

A Mukwonago native, graduate of the Wisconsin School of Business and long-time family friend of both Dave and Jay, Carlie joined the team in September of 2020. She found her way to the Commercial Real Estate industry after spending just over a year in the Commercial Insurance industry.

Ambitious, energetic and committed to helping you and your business reach new heights, Carlie works alongside Dave and Jay to provide clients with exceptional service through successful sales and developments in a variety of unique situations. Carlie’s role in the firm is to seek out opportunities and build relationships with new clients in pursuit to fulfill their business goals.

Carlie’s mission is to be your partner in fulfilling the Real Estate needs of your business. Whether that’s finding you a new property or selling or leasing your current property, Carlie is devoted to the success of your business.

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